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UV Wide Gang Sheets - Builder - Custom Direct to Film DTF Gang Sheet

Build your own Gang Sheet

🌟 Unleash the Power of UV DTF: Experience cutting-edge printing technology that transforms your designs into vibrant, durable creations.

🔥 Heat Transfer Magic: UV DTF Heat Transfer breathes life into your designs with precision and brilliance.

🌈 Endless Possibilities: With UV DTF Heat Transfer, the possibilities are limitless. Your imagination is the only boundary.

🎨 Exceptional Quality: Expect stunning colors and long-lasting prints, whether for clothing, accessories, or any other fabric.

🔆 Innovation at Its Best: UV DTF Heat Transfer is a game-changer for those who demand excellence in printing.

📎 Simple Design Process: We make it easy. Send us your design, and we'll handle the rest.

Transform your designs with UV DTF Heat Transfer today! 🚀👕🎨


  • PNG: Our recommended file format is PNG for storage efficiency (with lossless compression) and support for transparent backgrounds & opacity. AI, PDF, and other formats also work with our CAD link software, but PNG has the best combination of features, is most commonly used, and is widely supported by graphics creation & editing software. - Make sure artwork is 300 dpi or Vector  
    - Make sure your background is transparent

Failure to supply a transparent file will result in your order being cancelled and refunded.*** 

  • Upload your image: First choose your quantity. Then Click on BROWSE above the ADD TO CART button to upload your image prior to purchasing.
  • Video below on how to upload images and check out.
  • Production Time Needed: 2-3 Days prior to ship. M-F


If the design you are providing contains copyright or licensed images, we will need documentation on file, from you to prove ownership or proof of commission by the license property owner to create this image. This documentation will remain on file, under your account.

Buying Files from Esty etc. does not mean you have the rights to print a file. please get with copyright owners.

This must be done to protect the intellectual property of all parties involved.

Please email copyright documentation to

DTF/UV DTF Transfer Policy: DTF/UV DTF Transfers are non-refundable. We will not refund purchases due to user errors. We will however replace defective transfers at the time they arrive. We will request photos of such defects to approve these claims. These are a no refunds/final sale item with the exception of defects before on arrival.



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